About Torreon

What to do in Torreon?

Torreon is settled in what is known as Comarca Lagunera, a city of beautiful women, cultural appeal and a prominent trade activity, the assortment of activities in Torreon are wide. The city was born thanks to the short distance to Nazas River, making possible the cotton and vegetable farming activity, the train railway development that connect Ciudad Juarez and Mexico City played a huge role into the this city development as well.

What to do in Torreon? Enjoy the Coin Museum, the Perla Channel, Regional Museum, Sitio de Torreon Museum, the Noas Hill, the Train Museum, the Paleontology Museum, the Del Cerro Museum and the Revolucion Museum; all these places are ideal for tourism in Torreon.

You are more than welcome you to spend a relaxing time in the city parks, breathing the clean air and feeling relieved from the daily life stress, there are: Las Etnias Park, Fundadores Park, De Armas Plaza, Juarez Plazuela, Venustiano Carranza forest and Ignacio Zaragoza Alameda.

The natural beauties offer a wide range of choices for activities in Torreon, where you can venture into extreme sports or simply meet places such as: Bilbao Dunes, Silence Zone, Nazas River, Cuatro Cienegas, Poza Azul, Poza de los Mezquites, Poza de la Becerra, La Concha Resort, De Rosario Grotto, Francisco Zarco Dam, National Park Raymundo and Sarnoso Sierra.